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Client Success Stories

FinTech company currently growing at 400% YoY after partnering with Fractal31 for tech strategy and development

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Commerce Tech company with major US merchant clients partnered with Fractal31 for extended AI/ML focused tech team and runway improvement

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FinTech company in the commodity trading market partnered with Fractal31 to restructure its technology and product teams and improve its platform product

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Our team of skilled engineers specializes in a wide range of classical and emerging technologies, such as Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Performance Optimization, BlockChain, AI/ML/DL, and IoT.

  • Classical and Emerging/Latest Technologies

    Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Performance Optimization, BlockChain, AI/ML/DL, IoT

  • Web, auxiliary & CI/CD Technologies

    VueJs, JavaScript, Angular/React JS, Razor, Rest APIs, Background Workers, SignalR, Web Sockets for Real Time Communication, WCF, Web Services, RabbitMQ, Redis, AES, RSA, HMAC cryptographic controls, Jenkins CI/CD, Docker Containerization, Cloud Computing, AWS, Azure

  • Programming Languages

    C++, Java, .NET/C#, R/Python, Perl

  • Data management Technologies

    SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Tableau, PowerBI

  • And many other technologies

    Easy access to various world-class academicians/ domain experts

How we work

  • 1

    Client Detailed Tech And Business Assessment

  • 2

    Agreement On Needs/Demand From Client

  • 3

    Identification Of Team Composition And Skillset

  • 4

    Sourcing And Hiring Tailored To Client Demand

  • 5

    Onboarding, Training, Managing, And Continuous Performance Evaluation


“Our business was burned by bad software development performed by a previous partner putting us in a position of restricted cashflow and a dysfunctional product. Fractal31 guided us towards identifying the best product development strategy and a clear roadmap for a performing product backed by a full development team within a month.”

SB (a leading FinTech Company, India)


Leadership Team

Dr. Nilesh Modi

Dr. Nilesh Modi

(CEO & Founder) -

Kushagra saxena

Kushagra saxena


Fenil Rathod

Fenil Rathod

(Chief Technology Engineer)

Aastha Bhatnagar

Aastha Bhatnagar

(Head of Finance and Senior Business Manager)

Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel

(Sr. Manager Human Resources)


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